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Raptor 2KW 3×1.5

The Raptor fiber laser center was designed for the needs of the small to medium size companies keeping in mind to offer a well build, reliable machine, capable of handling all required laser cutting in house with an affordable investment and full filling all the needs for a reliable machine backed up with local service.

One piece welded cutting table with ultra-light dual X axes driven gantry.

Cutting table has zoned suction chambers optimizing the dust and smoke collection and minimizing the size of the dust collector.

A motorized conveyor moves the scrap and small parts to the collector bin, located at the front of the machine.

Complete enclosed ergonomic machine cover with good visual access to the cutting area. As safety is a priority the standard machine comes perimeter light beam protection around the dual pallet changer.

Beckhoff controller and servo motors:

All cutting actions and axes movement input happen through the central located 15” Beckhoff 6202 Windows based touch screen controller & keyboard

Programs can be loaded with the wireless USB connection that also can be used for off-site connection when needed for service purposes

Lantek Expert Software:

Lantek expert consists of a basic CAD module capable of cleaning up the received dxf files to readable files for the CAM module.

The CAM module generates the G codes for the controller which are converted in useful information to the machine control to move all the axes.

Multiple parts can be nested on a sheet as well as different parts.

Precitec Light cutting head:

The Precitc Light cutting head is equipped with the quick manual focus adjustment to be changed with different material types and thickness.

The protection glass cartridge protect the focal lens against dust and material spatter during piercing, extending the lifetime of the lens.

IPG 2000 Watt Resonator & Chiller:

A world leader in the fiber laser generator market, IPG delivers the stability of reliable cutting source and chiller and delivering excellent cutting speed for any material and is backed up with excellent local service and limited 3 year warranty.


Technical Specifications

Resonator2000 Watt3000 Watt4000 Watt
Cutting capacity (Mild Steel)5/8”¾”¾”
Cutting capacity (Stainless Steel)5/16”3/8”½”
Cutting capacity (Aluminum)¼”5/16”3/8”
Cutting capacity (Brass-Copper)3/16”¼”¼”
Max. plate size60 x 120”
Travel axesX axes120”
Y axes60”
Z axes6”
Acceleration axesX,U (dual axes)0.5G
Y axes0.5G
Z axes2.5G
Traveling speedsXY simultaneous71m/min2797”/min
X,Y independent50m/min1970”/min
Position accuracy+/- 0,002”/m
Repeatability+/- 0,001”
Assist gassesO20.3-12 Bar
Nitrogen0.5-25 Bar
Clean Air0.5-25 Bar
Cutting HeadPrecitec Light cutter head
CNCBeckhoff 6202
Network connectionEthernet
CAD/CAMLantek Expert
Pallet systemDual automatic pallet changer
Perimeter safety lightGuard around pallet changer
Dust collection unitErmaksan with Donaldson filters
Average Power Consumption21 KW
Machine Dimensions340”x106”x87”
Weight16000 Lbs.
Installation & trainingIncluded

FOB our Cambridge warehouse, loaded on truck


One year warranty on all mechanical machine parts.

One year warranty on Prectic cutting head, excluding consumables

Such as nozzles, lenses, ceramics and protection glasses. Damage to the cutting head du to misuse is not under warranty.

IPG resonator: 2 year not included is the spotting (damaging) of the fiber cable due to wrong setup of the cutting parameters or contamination of the cutting head

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