Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Ermaksan continues to provide wide and flexible range of solutions with its new plasma cutting machine. The EPL high accuracy and cutting quality combined with low working and investing cost gives your company an edge over the competition.

EPL plasma cutting with its user friendly programming interface is manufactured with the latest production technologies and uses well-known components.

High definition plasma technology allows high quality cutting on a wide range of materials and thickness.

A wide range of table sizes and cutting units are available.

Standard Equipment

  • AC Servo motor and drivers (Dual X axis drive –Y – Z)
  • Planet type gear box without gap
  • Incremental encoders
  • Hypertherm Edge Pro touch or Linatrol Infinity CNC controller
  • HPR130 Hypertherm cutting source
  • Auto nesting  program
  • Zoned table with automatic suction and pneumatic system

Optional Equipment

  • Tube cutting attachment
  • Five axis cutting head
  • Multiple cutting heads & torches
  • Dust Collector


Infinity (standard) or Hypertherm Edge Pro touch

  • Starting point designation
  • Auto Nesting
  • On Board Nesting Standard
  • Plate leveling
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Software PLC screen 512 Kb
  • Reading of *.dxf and *.dwg files and converting to machine language through Linatrol Cut software.