HGD Shears

HGD Shears

HGD series shears are manufactured to cut material between 1/4” (6.35mm) and ¾” (20mm.) Strong monoblock frame, steel weld construction, retains its rigidity even during working  at maximum capacity, providing a good quality and clean cut. The optional gap in the side frames allow slitting from longer material

High quality top and bottom blades along with a small cutting angle decreases twisting to minimum when cutting narrow strips.

Standard Equipment

  • Mono block, welded steel frame in ST44 A1 is rigid to deflectionl.
  • Cybtouch 6 controller
  • One-piece honed and chrome plated double acting powerful cylinders.
  • High quality lop and bottom blades: bottom: 4, top: 2 cutting edges.
  • Easily adjustable blade gap adjustment setting from a single point.
  • Bosch – Rexroth hydraulic system.
  • High pressurized silent Atos pump.
  • Fast and powerful back gauge on ball screw, travel 39” (1000mm) incl. automatic swing away feature.
  • Hydraulic activated hold downs prevent sliding of the sheet during cutting.
  • Cutting length adjustment allowing stroke adjustment for shorter sheets and shorten the cutting time.
  • Roller bearings in the table allow easy sheet handling,
  • Front support arms with ruler and flip-stop,
  • Foot pedal available for single or continuous cutting,
  • Cutting line illumination,
  • Sick backside protections

Optional Equipment

  • Automatic blade gap setting in function of the material thickness and type with the  Cybelec DNC61G cut
  • Pneumatic sheet support system,
  • Pneumatic sheet unloading system, including automatic stacking system,
  • Laser cutting line,
  • Finger protective light curtain,
  • Oil coolant,
  • Extended front arms or squaring arms.
  • Table mounted angular gauge.


ELGO P9521

  • Manual operation mode
  • Single operation mode
  • Ability to make multi step cutting program
  • Inch/mm working modes

Memory for 99 step program

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