HGS Shears

HGS Shears

ERMAK HGS Series are high performing and economic machines with modem design. Strong steel welded construction frame and perfect cutting quality. Main frame and top beam are in box construction and highly resistant to twisting forces during the swing beam cutting action. Fast and precise quick blade gap adjustment system is placed on the right side of the machine.

Available in cutting lengths: 8ft (2600mm), 10ft (3100mm), 13.5ft (4100) mm with cutting capacities of  ¼” (6 mm) and 5/16” (8 mm).

HGS Series shears are the best performers in their category with 18-20 full strokes per minute.

Standard Equipment

  • Mono block, welded steel frame in ST44A1 material, rigid to deflection
  • ELGO P9521 easy cut controller,
  • One-piece honed and chrome plated double acting powerful cylinders.
  • High quality top and bottom blades, bottom: 4 and top: 2 cutting edges.
  • Easily adjustable blade gap adjustment system from single point,
  • Bosch – Rexroth hydraulic system,
  • High pressurized silent Atos pump,
  • Fast and powerful back gauge on ball screws with 39” (1000mm) travel , with automatic swing up feature,
  • Hydraulic activated hold downs prevent sliding of the sheet during cutting.
  • Cutting length adjustment allowing stroke adjustment for shorter sheets and shorten the cutting time,
  • Roller bearings in the table allow easy sheet handling,
  • Front support arms with ruler and flip-stop,
  • Foot pedal available for single or continuous cutting,
  • Cutting line illumination,
  • Sick backside protections

Optional Equipment

  • CNC HGS /automatic blade gap setting in function of the material thickness and type with the  Cybelec DNC61G cut
  • Pneumatic sheet support system,
  • Pneumatic sheet unloading system, including automatic stacking system,
  • Laser cutting line,
  • Finger protective light curtain,
  • Oil coolant,
  • Extended front arms or squaring arms.
  • Table mounted angular gauge.


ELGO P9521

  • Manual operation mode
  • Single operation mode
  • Ability to make multi step cutting program
  • Inch/mm working modes
  • Memory for 99 step program

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