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Ferric-Ermaksan SL-G Force Fiber laser

During the Euroblech exhibition, last October in Hannover Germany, Ermaksan introduced the Fibermak Side Loading Fiber laser.
This powerful fiber laser  has the high quality of the Fibermak Momentum Gen 3 G Force, increasing your productivity on average by 15% per hour.
With a floor space saving of 27% compared to laser cutting machines with the load system installed behind the cutting table, it offers more production space for other operations in manufacturing facilities.

Download brochure below


Ferric-ERMAKSAN Raptor fiber laser

The Raptor fiber laser center was designed for the needs of the small to medium size companies keeping in mind to offer a well build, reliable machine, capable of handling all required laser cutting in house with an affordable investment and fulfilling al the needs from the client and backed up with local service. Standard equipped with 2KW IPG resonator (higher KW is an option), Precitec ProCutter Auto-focus cutting head, Beckhoff control and drives, dual pallet changer

Ferric – Procon Pro Laser All-In-One FL 3015 LU

The unique design of the Pro Laser All – In – One offer the customer a machine with one of the fastest acceleration speeds in the market whit and automatic Load – Unload system requiring a minimum of floor space. (20x 30ft)

The latest technology is used with regards to many aspects of the design of the machine. Parallel kinematics on the gantry/head movement, light weight built with high strength carbon generates accelerations up to 5G. A cutting head with superior gas flows and minimum and allowing a minimum of contamination of the lens and protective glass generates cutting quality and speeds of the highest level in the market. The above combined with a built in Load / Unload system with a cycle time less of 30 sec. makes the Pro Laser All – In-One on of the most productive machines on the market