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Ferric-ERMAKSAN Raptor fiber laser

The Raptor fiber laser center was designed for the needs of the small to medium size companies keeping in mind to offer a well build, reliable machine, capable of handling all required laser cutting in house with an affordable investment and fulfilling al the needs from the client and backed up with local service. Standard equipped with 2KW IPG resonator (higher KW is an option), Precitec ProCutter Auto-focus cutting head, Beckhoff control and drives, dual pallet changer


OMP, based in Italy and one of the leading manufactures of machines related to the tube bundling, cutting and processing industry is introducing their new full automatic tube laser with 2 & 3D cutting capability.

Confronted with the needs of their clients OMP developed a machine to meet all the requirements of today demanding markets.

The tube feeding unit can be the common bundle loading unit as well as the more advanced flexible tube by tube loading with profile recognition (see picture)which allows a more flexible use of the machine as different shapes and sizes can be loaded one after another depending on the requirements of the job.

The rotary feeding system position the tube or open end profile in the laser cutting cell with a full 3D cutting head capable cutting any shape and angle on the material.
The machine can be equipped with different automatic unload systems depending on the needs of the customers. The easy to use off-line programming software allows the user to store all the types and sizes of tube and open end profiles and makes easy to nest the required parts on the material. The T- Fiber is available up to 8” diameter tubing and with standard feeding length of 24ft

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