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Ferric – Procon Pro Laser All-In-One FL 3015 LU

The unique design of the Pro Laser All – In – One offer the customer a machine with one of the fastest acceleration speeds in the market whit and automatic Load – Unload system requiring a minimum of floor space. (20x 30ft)

The latest technology is used with regards to many aspects of the design of the machine. Parallel kinematics on the gantry/head movement, light weight built with high strength carbon generates accelerations up to 5G. A cutting head with superior gas flows and minimum and allowing a minimum of contamination of the lens and protective glass generates cutting quality and speeds of the highest level in the market. The above combined with a built in Load / Unload system with a cycle time less of 30 sec. makes the Pro Laser All – In-One on of the most productive machines on the market