Bandsaw : Cosen C-260 NC Automatic Straight (New)

Bandsaws: Cosen C-260NC Automatic Straight (New)

Machine Specifications:

Round                                                             10.2”
Square                                                         10.2×10.2″
Rect.                                                            10.2×11.8″
Bundle cut option                                        6.1×7,9″

Saw blade
Speed                               Infinite Invertor controlled 66-328 fpm
Size (LxWxT)                                        144 x 1.25 x 0.042”
Tension                       Hydraulic with automatic blade breakage detection
Guide                                    Interchangeable tungsten carbide
Cleaning                     Steel wire brush with flexible drive shaft driven by main motor

Saw blade                                                           5HP
Hydraulic                                                           1HP
Coolant                                                             1/8HP

Hydraulic                                                       35 Liter
Coolant                                                           45 Liter

Clamping                                 Dual clamp, front/back with CNC feeding
Stroke : 15.9″
Saw head feed  Speed           automatic adjustable from control panel
Saw head opening                                             Automatic
Chip Conveyor                                              yes, hydraulic driven
Conveyor                                                            yes, roll type
Working height                                                        28.4”
Gross Weight                                                         3315 Lbs
Floor space                                                         85x86x60.2″

SNC-100 Touch screen program interface:
Auto or Manual working mode
Single or Bundle cutting mode
Trim Cut
Clamping vice & blade monitoring
Blade speed and feeding display
Multiple feed lengths and cuts

Specifications can change without prior notice