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AHK 3 and AHS 4 Plate Rolls

Machine Standards

  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Hydraulic drop end and top roll lift to remove finished parts
  • Hydraulic drive motors for rolling
  • Cone bending device

AHK Brochure

AHS Brochure

Download AKH 3 Roll Brochure
Download AHS 4 Roll Brochure


If your application is rolling cylinders or more advanced shapes and cones, the AKBend rolls are up to the task. Designed with the latest 3D Cad programs by experienced engineers with a stress relieved steel welded frame and high quality
materials for the rolls and bearings, these machines are up to any rolling task.

The AKBend machines are available in 3 (AKH) and 4 (AHS) roll models with different working lengths, steel thickness and working lengths. The 4 roll machines can be equipped with a NC Teach In or graphic CNC controller.


Machine Options

  • Side and center supports for big diameters
  • Variable rolling speed control
  • AK 300 manual & teach in control
  • AK 400 manual – NC teach in & CNC control
  • Oil cooler
  • Two speed control
  • Digital display for bending rolls
  • Control panel on wheels
  • Perimeter safety wire