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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake: ERMAK Speedbend 3760×175 – 12ft x 193 (Used-Like New) Tons

Capacity 175 Metric Ton – 193 US Short Tons
Type Speed-Bend Pro
Model 3760×175
Machine Number 000031034-ERH
Bending Length 148″
Between Side Frames 124″
Backgauge Four axis X-R-Z1-Z2 CNC controlled
Crowning CNC controlled crowning table
Throat in side frames 16″
Tooling Top tool clamping for NA – European style.

Tooling package included

Year 2022


  • AKAS Laser type beam safety
  • Y1-Y2 independent cylinder control
  • Equipped with the ER99 numerical – 2D controller – 3D controller
    • Y1-Y2
    • Angle, Depth and pressure programming
    • Library for : top tools, bottom tools, materials
    • Programmable: Top Dead center, Fast Slow point, plate thickness
    • Retraction of the back gauge
  • New in 2022 ( Installed December 2022)
  • Tooling package included with the machine
  • Sn: 31034
  • In stock at Cambridge warehouse for immediate delivery