CNC Punching Machines

  • Product Details

    Faster – More Precise – More Environmentally Friendly

    The new ETP-S series manufactures with Ermaksan’s proven quality and experience in the production of sheet metal machinery, is being presented to our clients.

    Strong mono-block rigid donut type body, built using stress relieved welded steel and equipped with high acceleration axes and servo electric driven punching head. Sheet processing can be done multi directional and flexible up to 3/16”
    material thickness.

  • Customer Benefits
    • Designed to decrease learning time to the minimum
    • Allows users to produce parts on the first day with its simple and user-friendly user guide
    • Decreases data input significantly by using perfect auto complete
    • Chooses the most appropriate sheet and the required blank size of the material by using auto nesting, saving costs by minimizing material waste
    • Decreases preparation time due to its fully automatic tools
    • Durable choice for your precise punching jobs
    • Easy installation and trainings
    Punching Power22 – 33 Tons
    Turret Stations27 – 33 (some auto index)
    Max Sheet Size Without Repositioning48 x 78” – 48 x 98”
    60 x 78” – 60 x 120”
    Type of ToolingThick Turret
    Automatic Tool LubricationStandard
    Controller and Axes DrivesFanucTM
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