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Cosen C-510 MNC Automatic Mitre (STOCK)

Machine Specifications:

Angle                    0                              45                           60

Round                   14”                         14”                         9.0”
Rect.                      13×20″                 9.4”                        8.6”
Rect.                      17.3×11”               13×13″                 9.0×9.0”
Bundle cut option     6.8 ~ 17.5″ (Width) by  8.4~ 9.6″  (Height)


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Saw blade
Speed                                                           65-262 fpm
Size (LxWxT)                                        193 x 1.3 x 0.04”
Tension                       Hydraulic with automatic blade breakage detection
Guide                                    Interchangeable tungsten carbide
Cleaning                     Steel wire brush with flexible drive shaft driven by main motor

Saw blade                                                           5HP
Hydraulic                                                           1HP
Coolant                                                             1/8HP

Hydraulic                                                       36 Liter
Coolant                                                           61 Liter

Clamping                                 Dual clamp, front/back with CNC feeding
Saw head feed  Speed           automatic adjustable from control panel
Saw head opening                                             Automatic
Adjustable Mitre                                               0 – 60 Degree
Chip Conveyor                                              yes, hydraulic driven
Conveyor                                                            yes, roll type
Working height                                                        30.8”
Net Weight                                                             4365 Lbs
Gross Weight                                                         4707 Lbs
Floor space                                                         130x109x87″

SNC-100 Touch screen program interface:
Auto or Manual working mode
Single or Bundle cutting mode
Trim Cut
Clamping vice & blade monitoring
Blade speed and feeding display
Multiple feed lengths and cuts

Specifications can change without prior notice