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Ferric-Erbend MFB 3220 Servo Electric (10ft x 14G) (STOCK)

Working length 125″
Mild Steel Capacity 14G
Stainless Steel Capacity 0.060″
Aluminum Capacity 1/8″


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Electric Driven Folding Machine

  • single piece sharp nose tool 20 degree on clamping beam
  • Folding beam tools 3/8″ – 1″ wide single piece
  • Foot pedal with 3 switches
  • Front light barriers and LED function lights
  • Techno 2D package
    – 1500mm (60″) servo back gauge and rectangular sheet support
    table with ball transfers and feather grooves
    – Manual crowning system
    – Manual folding beam adjustment (A1-A2)
    – ErFold numerical & 2D graphical control
  • 575V/3ph/60Hz
  • F.O.B. Cambridge, ON