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Ferric-Erbend MFC 3215 Servo Electric (10ft x 16G) (STOCK)

Working length 125″
Mild Steel Capacity 16G
Stainless Steel Capacity 20G
Aluminum Capacity 12


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Electric Driven Folding Machine

  • Clamping beam Z axes:
    Open height : 6.3″
    Motor power : 4HP
    Drive system: Eccentric arm
    Clamping speed: 2.36″/sec
  • Folding Beam Y axes:
    Folding angle: 0 to 150 degree
    Motor power: 2HP
    Folding speed: 75 Deg. / sec.
  • Folding beam adjustment: (A axis)
    Adjustment height: 1.38″
    Control: Manual
  • Back gauge system: (X axis)
    Stroke: 29.7″
    Style: Feather tips
    Speed: 9.8″/sec.
  • Optional manual adjustable crowning from folding beam Incl.
  • ErFold Touch CNC control:
    Angle – open hem – closed hem – bumping
    Library for the bending tools
    Library for the parts
    Correction page
  • 575V/3ph/60Hz
  • Safety light guard for folding beam
  • 3 stage foot pedal
  • F.O.B. Cambridge, ON