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Ferric-Ermak Raptor 5x10ft – 2KW Laser Cutting Machine (STOCK)

Cutting Capacity
Mild Steel 5/8”
Stainless Steel 5/16”
Aluminum 1/4”
Brass-Copper 3/16”
Max. plate size 60 x 120”
Max. material weight 3300 Lbs.


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Resonator:                       2000 Watt
Travel axes:
X axes                        120”
Y axes                        60”
Z axes                           6”
Acceleration axes:
X,U (dual axes)        0.5G
Y                                 0.5G
Z                                  2.5G
Traveling speeds:
XY simultaneous     71m/min         2797”/min
X,Y independent      50m/min         1970”/min
Position accuracy:                                       +/- 0,002”/m
Repeatability:                                                            +/- 0,001”
Assist gasses:           O2                               0.3-12 Bar
Nitrogen                     0.5-25 Bar
Clean Air                   0.5-25 Bar
Cutting head:           Precitec                      Pro-Cutter with auto focus
CNC:                          Beckhoff 6202
Network connection            Ethernet
CAD/CAM:                Lantek Expert with auto nesting

Pallet system:           Dual automatic pallet changer

Perimeter safety light guard around pallet changer

Dust collection unit: Ermaksan with Donaldson filters

Average power consumption                     21 KW

Machine Dimensions:                                 340”x106”x87”

Weight                                                           16000 Lbs.
One year warranty on all mechanical machine parts.
One year warranty on Prectic cutting head, excluding consumables
Such as nozzles, lenses, ceramics and protection glasses. Damage to the cutting head du to misuse is not under warranty.
IPG resonator: 2 year not included is the spotting (damaging) of the fiber cable due to wrong setup of the cutting parameters or contamination of the cutting head


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3KW        4KW
o Mild Steel                          3/4″          3/4″
o Galvanized Steel             3/16″        3/16″
o Stainless Steel                  3/8″         1/2″
o Aluminum                       5/16″        3/8″
o Brass                                  1/4″          1/4″
o Copper                              1/4″          1/4″

– F.O.B. our Cambridge showroom/warehouse
– Installation and training by FERRIC- ERMAK technicians
– 2 year warranty on machine parts, excluding consumables
– 2 year warranty on the IPG laser generator, excluding spotting
of the fiber cable
– 1 year on Precitec cutting head, excluding damage due to misuse.