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Ferric-Jonsen SB1000-3TB


  • Overall: De-slagging and edge rounding of plasma, high power laser, flame (oxy-fuel) cutting parts.
  • Dual de-slagging workstations: pin block type crossbelt stations for heavy slag knock off/removal.
  • Follow up by abrasive crossbelt station for further parts cleaning, and edge rounding
  • Full width magnetic conveyor bed to accommodate small ferrous parts, magnetic strength can be adjusted
  • Quick clip on/off type consumable blocks


Max. working width 1000 mm (39.3”)
Working thickness 3 mm – 80 mm (0.118”-3.15”)
Min. working size 100 mm x 100 mm (3.94” x 3.94”) ferrous parts
Feed speed 1-5 m/min (3.2-16.4 ft/min) (variable speed)
Weight 5,500 KG (12,100 lb) (approx.)
Machine dimension L2800×W2160×H2100 mm (110x85x82”) (approx.)
Dust extraction Required