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Ferric-Jonsen SGP1000


  • Wide abrasive belt head (G) for general deburring, surface sanding, and finishing
  • Planetary abrasive barrel station (P) for deburring and edge rounding of parts coming off laser cutting/stamping/punching/shearing/waterjet machines with sharp edges and minor-moderate burrs
  • Wide abrasive belt head (G) and planetary abrasive barrel station (P) can be used individually or together
  • Vacuum table with sticky conveyor belt to process small parts
  • Vacuum generator is built-in inside the machine’s underframe for saving up floor space
  • Targeting on both inner and outer edge contours, holes, and slots
  • Capable of processing laser cut parts with laser film using P workstation only (keeping the surface finish under the laser film)
  • Capable of processing minor profiled (formed) parts using P workstation only
  • Full width vacuum conveyor


Max. working width 1000 mm (39.3”)
Working thickness 0.1 – 50 mm (0.004”-1.97”) (Note: Processing thinner work pieces may cause premature wear of conveyor belt)
Min. working size 80 mm x 80 mm (3.15” x 3.15”) solid surface area
Feed speed 1-5 m/min (3.2-16.4 ft/min) (variable speed)
Weight 3500 KG (7700 lbs.) (approx.)
Machine dimension L2450 × W2034 × H2050 mm (L97” x W80” x H81”) (approx.)
Overall dimension (including the wet type dust collector) L2626 x W3484 x H2495 mm (L103” x 137” x 98”) (approx.)-Max. working width: