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HACO ERM 12 ft x 150 ton

CAPACITY: 150 Metric Ton – 165 US Short Tons

BENDING LENGTH: 144” (3600mm) Overall / 122” (3100mm) Between Side Frames



– Depth of the throat (gap) 9,84” 250mm

– Ram Stroke 4.7” 120mm

– Open Height (daylight opening) 12.8” 325mm

– Closed Height 8.1” 205mm

– Working Height 36,02” 915mm

– Width of the table 7,09” 180mm

– Motor power 15 kW 22,5 HP

– Maximum working pressure 330 Bar 330 Bar

– Line voltage (unless other request) 575V/60Hz/3ph 575V/60Hz/3ph

– Fast approach speed 236”/min 100mm/sec

– Bending speed 20”/min 10mm/sec

– Fast return speed 236”/min 100mm/sec

– Total Length (approx.) 150.79” 3830mm

– Total Height (approx.) 96” 2600mm

– Total Width (approx.) 61,02” 1550mm

– Approx. Weight 19620 Lb. 8,9 Ton


This Ferric 12ft x 165Tons rebuild is based on the HACO ERM 36150 frame.

All electronical components are removed as well as the linear scales, back gauge motor(s) and replaced with new ones. Only the main hydraulic motor and hydraulic servo valves are original.

A state of the art press brake control is used : The Step Automation Rock 15 Touch with 2D profile programming and 3D view of the part.


Rock 15 SLIM use modern wide screen LCD 15.6” with an accurate capacitive touch panel and powerful motherboard. It offers different software levels to meet all bending demands.

It offers 2D programing with automatic calculation of the bending sequence and collision detection. When program is generated, it can show 3D visualization of the part.