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Hydraulic Corner Notcher: FERRIC-SIMASV Fixed Angle (USED)

– Hydraulic fixed angle (90 Degrees) corner notcher.

– Equipped with automatic setting of the blade gap.

– Capacity: 8.6” Sq. x 0.236”



▪ Automatic setting of the blade clearance.
▪ Two sheet positioning squares with calibrated protractors plug,
marks every 15 Degree and extension sheet stop rods of 20”.
▪ Automatic lubrication of sliding guides.
▪ Blade reversibility for cutting action into apex.
▪ First point cutting action away from the apex.
▪ Calibrated rules set into machine table, with inch read – out.
▪ Remote foot pedal.
▪ Hydraulic fluid and instruction manual included.


Contact us for pricing, more information, or if you would like to see the machine at our Cambridge warehouse. Sold as is in good working condition.