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JONSEN SGP800 Metal Deburring Machine (Dual-Station)

Grind down and sand your metal edges with complete control and precision with our high-quality equipment. Remove the burrs off your tools and equipment by smoothing out indentations, sharp metal burrs, and worn out edges with ease. Regardless of whether you have a mechanical burr or a thermal burr, our equipment can do the job.



Workstation 1: Wide Abrasive Belt Head (G)

  • 185mm (7.28″) standard contact roller diameter
  • Photo-electrical controlled abrasive belt tracking
  • Oscillating air cylinder for automatic abrasive belt tracking
  • Abrasive belt size: W830mm x L2200mm (W32.7″ x 86.6″)
  • Motorized (servo) lifting of 50mm (1.97″) opening
  • Main driving motor: 7.5 kw
  • Linear speed: 12m/s fix speed
  • Pneumatic disk brake on main motor for five second emergency stop


Workstation 2: Planetary Abrasive Barrels (P)

  • 100-1000RPM (variable speed) abrasive barrels
  • 1-17RPM (variable speed) planetary rotation
  • Number of abrasive barrels: 4pc on one master planetary shaft
  • Motorized lifting of 5omm (1.97″) opening between conveyor belt
  • Abrasive barrel dimension: 295mm x L295mm x Bore 32mm
  • Main driving motors (self rotation): 2.2kw * 2 = 4.4kw, 1 motor drives 2 abrasive barrels
  • 1.5kw main driving motor (planetary rotation)



  • Full width perforated vacuum conveyor belt
  • Motor power: 1.5kw
  • Frequency inverter controlled motor
  • Adjustable feeding speed: 0.5-5m/min (1.6-16.4 ft/min)
  • Multiple air nozzles equipped inside the conveyor table vacuum chamber creates periodical compressed air pulses to prevent metal particle deposit
  • Fixed height conveyor table



  • Wide abrasive belt head (G) for general deburring, surface sanding, and finishing
  • Planetary abrasive barrel station (P) for deburring and edge rounding of parts coming off laser cutting/stamping/punching/shearing machines with sharp edges and minor burrs
  • Wide abrasive belt head (G) and planetary abrasive barrel station (P) can be used individually or together
  • Vacuum table with sticky conveyor belt to process small parts
  • Targeting on both inner and outer edge contours, holes and slots
  • Capable of processing laser cut parts with laser film using P work station only (keeping the surface finish under the laser film)
  • Capable of processing minor profiled (formed) parts using P work station only



  • Voltage: 480v, 60Hz, 3 phase
  • Schneider low-voltage equipment
  • Electrical components with UL/ULc/CSA marking
  • Main motor powers
    • Wide abrasive belt head: 7.5Kw
    • Planetary abrasive barrel station: 2.2 * 2 = 4Kw
    • Planetary rotation driving motor: 1.5Kw
    • Vacuum generator: 7.5Kw
    • Wet type dust collector: 7.5Kw
  • Amp meter to monitor abrasive belt loading


Compressed Air

  • Working pressure: 6 bar (0.6MPA)
  • Air pressure regulator is located on the bottom portion of the frame



One year free parts warranty (6 months for rubberized rollers and rubber conveyor belts) provided by AME and Jonsen. AME and Jonsen will provide free parts only during warranty period.

Consumables are not covered under warranty. Machine breakdown caused by improper modification, use of improper aftermarket consumables, or lack of maintenance will void the warranty.