• Product Details

    The Raptor fiber laser center was designed for the needs of the small to medium size companies keeping in mind to offer a well built, reliable machine, capable of handling all required laser cutting in house, with an affordable investment and fulfilling all the needs for a reliable machine.

    One piece welded cutting table with ultra-light dual X axes driven gantry. Cutting table has zoned suction chambers optimizing the dust and smoke collection and minimizing the size of the dust collector. A motorized conveyor moves
    the scrap and small parts to the collector bin, located at the front of the machine.

    Complete enclosed ergonomic machine cover with good visual access to the cutting area. As safety is a priority, the standard machine comes with perimeter light beam protection around the dual pallet changer.

  • Customer Benefits
    • Table: 5 x 10 ft
    • Dual automatic pallet changer
    • Beckhoff controller
    • Automatic scrap conveyor
    • Min. floor space
    • Lantek Expert CAD/CAM auto nesting software
    • Precitec ProCutter Autofocus cutting head
    • Dust Collector
    Laser SourceIPG 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 kW
    Table Dimensions5 x 10 ft
    Material TypesMild Steel
    Stainless Steel – Aluminum
    Copper – Brass
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