JÖRG Light Gauge Coil Lasers

  • JÖRG Light Gauge Coil Lasers

    Ferric Machinery now carries JÖRG Compact Light Gauge Coil Lasers. Equipped with IPG fiber lasers, these laser cutting machines are ideal for thin sheets such as insulation sheet metal up to 14G. The IPG lasers cut very fast, have low energy consumption as well as low maintenance required. They also don’t produce any splashes or damage on the underside of the sheets. With CAMDUCT or EUROSOFT HVAC software these machines are great for air duct production.

    • High material efficiency.
    • Customer specific configuration possible.


    Insulation cladding, ir duct fittings, thin sheet: steel, a stainless steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, etc. Suitable for serial production, high volume production, production of complex nested parts and can be used as a replacement for punch lines.

    Cutting from coil
    The JÖRG-Laser cuts directly from the coil. This increases the material used efficiency, and the sheet supply to be efficient. In addition, the length of the products to be cut is not limited by the machine. By setting up multiple decoilers for the machine, with an automatic selector, it is possible to quickly switch materials.


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