Plasma Cutting Machines

  • Product Description

    ERMAKSAN continues to provide wide and flexible solutions with its new plasma cutting machine. It has accurate cutting quality, advantageous low working and investment costs and it can be conveniently placed in any production line due to its flexible automation solutions.

    ERMAKSAN plasma cutting machine can easily be operated. It is produced using the latest production technologies and well-known worldwide standard CNC controllers.

    ERMAKSAN EPL plasma cutting machine do not lose precision over time and requires the minimum amount of maintenance and consumables, helping you to generate more profit for your company.

    Explore New Possibilities for Your Products with 5 Axis & Rotation Axis EPL Plasma Machines

    5 axis plasma cutting machines equipped with the latest True Hole™ technology produces quality cuts from the first minute of plasma cutting.
    Plasma Cutting Sample

  • Customer Benefits
    • True Hole™ technology / Pro-Nest®
    • Low investment cost
    • Maximum efficiency
    • 2-3 times more parts produced per hour
    • 15” touch screen Hypertherm®EDGE®PRO controller
    • TurboNEST®plasma generator and torch system for precise cuts
    • Hypertherm®plasma generator and torch system for accurate cuts
    • Lower cutting costs compared to your competitors
    • Hundreds of machines working all around the world
    • Easy installation and training
    • Durable choice for your precise plasma cutting jobs
    Plasma Source130 / 260 / 400 / 800 A
    Table Dimensions6 – 120 ft
    True HoleTM TechnologyYes / Optional
    5 Axis Cutting / Tube CuttingYes / Optional
    * Please contact us for special table size
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