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Tandem Press Brakes

Working Length 10 ft to required machine length single or tandem
Tonnage 600 tons to 2000 tons single machine length
Independent Working Machines Standard
Crowning Systems Motorized
Dynamic Hydraulic


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  • 17” 3D, LCD touch screen ER-90 +
  • Perfect configuration for your heavy tonnage bends
  • Absolute solution for deep and full-sized bends
  • Continuous precision with dynamic crowning system
  • Motorized crowning system
  • Durable choice for your precise bending jobs
  • Special top and bottom tools
  • Mobile control unit
  • Single & multiple back gauge axes
  • Custom built application on request


ERMAKSAN’s reliability, superior product quality, high production technology meets the needs of an ever-changing world market and continues to provide flexible solutions to customers every day requirements.

ERMAKSAN Heavy Duty Press Brakes meets the requirements of all sectors engaged in the production of heavy machinery such as transportation, wind turbines, power plants, and the defence industry.