Metal Deburring and Finishing Machines

  • Metal Deburring and Finishing Machine

    If you need a reliable metal deburring machine or metal finishing machine, we have exactly what you need at Ferric Machinery. Grind down and sand your metal edges with complete control and precision with our high-quality equipment. Remove the burrs off your tools and equipment by smoothing out indentations, sharp metal burrs, and worn out edges with ease. Regardless of whether you have a mechanical burr or a thermal burr, our equipment can do the job.

    Ferric Machinery has been happily providing the industry with high-quality equipment for over 25 years. Our primary objective is to provide our clientele with dependable equipment at affordable pricing.

    To learn more about our metal deburring machines as well as our metal finishing machines, contact us today. Our team is more than happy to assist.

  • Jonsen Metal De-Burring & Finishing

    Jonsen made its name in the metal de-burring and finishing industry with the philosophy for: excellent engineering for standard and custom built machines with worldwide available parts.

    Innovation First: the first to introduce 4 pillar separate synchronized balance system for leveling.
    Built to Last: solid stainless steel interiors on wet applications is one of them.
    Smart Design: introduced patented conveyor belt tracking resulting in a longer belt lifetime and simplified belt

    TypesWet or Dry
    StationsBottom De-burring
    Disk Brush
    Abrasive Disk
    Barrel Brush
    Abrasive Cylinder
    MovementRotary / Oscillating / Rotary-Oscillating
    FeedingConveyor – Vacuum Table
    Particle RemovalDust Collector
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